Added DD-WRT… Buying an ER-X

Hello all,

A few quick updates…

I have added DD-WRT as a method to combat bufferbloat.

I didn’t mention it but, a couple weeks ago I added the TM-1900AC method. This is the main method I use to help my friends and family combat lag because it’s so cheap!

I also just ordered an Ubiquiti ER-X and will be able to write more about it when I get it. So I eventually I won’t have to base my information off second-hand experience! For example I heard the best the ER-X can do is 200-250 Mbps with SQM turned on. I’m not sure if that is actually the case.

I’ve also removed the Google ads because it barely earns me anything. This site is still a little baby and doesn’t have a lot of visitors, so I’ll just stick to the Amazon Ads for now because the products I chose were relevant to the site.


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