SFFPC: Golden Field M3S (18.7L) next to Silverstone SG13 (11.5L)

Random post but… since imgur is down I thought I’d just post this here on my website instead. I got it for $65.99 when it had a coupon on Amazon. What’s great about the M3S is that it can support a mATX motherboard and an ATX power supply which are usually cheaper than their ITX and SFX counterparts.


Front Ports are 1x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0 instead of both 3.0.

Airflow sucks for heavy gaming as fans get really loud (taking off the tempered glass helps a lot). During normal operation fans are quiet with tempered glass on. Personally got it for the looks not for the performance. Update June 2019: I literally have to use this without the tempered glass side panel so it wouldn’t get to hot when gaming. I would not recommend this case for gaming. For non-gaming purposes it’s a beautiful case.




Edit: Just got an Aigo Halo 120mm Fan for $10 to spice it up

Edit: Just added my new mATX MSI Gaming PRO motherboard with the Ryzen 2600X!


Edit 2: Added pictures of bottom of case as requested by a reader.


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3 years ago

Two intake fans on the bottom would make this a great airflow case. I would personally do that and mod the top for a 240 AIO, with two fans on the bottom. I have a a Lian Li TU-150 its great for airflow with two fans on the bottom approach, I see no reason that this wouldn’t do the same.