Archer C59 v2 Flashing openWRT

Quick Background

I just got this for $10 today 11/15/18 and I was able to flash openWRT with the snapshot build. 2.4G and 5G wireless working so far…

Brief Instructions written below. Please note do this at your own risk. If you brick something you’re responsible for fixing it yourself.

Brief Guide to Flashing openWRT on the Archer C59 V2 Router (V2 only!)

Download this:

  1. Hook up Ethernet Cable to LAN Port. Connect Ethernet cable from your modem or switch into WAN (this step is important because the router needs internet in order to install packages.
  2. Login to webUI with It will ask you to choose a password. Do that.
  3. Login to router and open the Advanced tab
  4. Navigate to System Tools -> Firmware Upgrade
  5. Upload firmware using the Manual Upgrade form. Choose the openwrt-ar71xx-generic-archer-c59-v2-squashfs-factory.bin that you downloaded.
  6. After flashing is done you need to install packages to have a web graphical interface. To Do this…
  7. Install and run putty
  8. Host Name: Port 22 Open
  9. Click yes on the certificate prompt.
  10. Username is root by default. After typing in root and pressing enter, type in passwd and press enter. This will prompt you to change your router password
  11. Assuming you’re connected to the internet, enter in these commands:
          opkg update
          opkg install luci
  12. After luci is done installing you can now access the web interface through the browser at Login with root and the password you changed earlier in step 10. With the login interface you can set-up and re-enable the Wireless interfaces again.

Enabling SQM fq_codel to stop lag or bufferbloat

Then follow this guide starting from the 3rd picture to enable SQM:

Or follow the video guide here starting at 0:35: