Added benchmarks for Ubiquiti ER-X and TM-AC1900

Hello all,

Just a quick update I added benchmarks to figure out the max bandwidth the ER-X and TM-AC1900 can handle when SQM/QoS is enabled.

I have confirmed that the ER-X can indeed do up to ~250 Mbps with SQM turned on!

I also revised the TM-AC1900 Method page and added instructions on how to turn on HW Acceleration. The TM-AC1900 is unique on the Merlin firmware because it can still use fq_codel with HW Acceleration on!

For future plans I may add some screenshots and do a write up for the ER-X setup. I still feel like the YouTube video by Battle(non)sense is solid because I was able to follow it and turn on SQM myself.

– StopLagging




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