StopLagging Routers (fq_codel / cake)

As of 08/06/2022 I have no more left in stock I do not recommend getting these if your download speeds are higher than 150 Mbps. I would wholeheartedly recommend you to go for the Nano Pi R4S method.

If you did buy this stoplagging router, I already did most of the work by flashing the firmware and installing SQM for you. Just follow the rest of the guide here to finish:

I also built the 19.07.02 stable release firmware here for this 256MB version of the WE3526:


  • 880mhz dual core (MediaTek MT7621AT)
  • 256mb ram
  • Wireless AC 1200
  • Max Bandwith w/ SQM turned on: ~150 Mbps

If you’re interested at buying these for $100. Contact me on by visiting the about me / contact page.

Note: WiFi LED Fix Discovered

If you have one of my routers. You may have noticed that the WiFi LED is amber to fix this just go to System > LED Configuration and set the following settings below then Save & Apply.